Colorado Public Library Association (CoPLA)

Colorado Public Library Association (CoPLA) 

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CoPLA Vision Statement

Colorado Public Libraries and Librarians will be:

  • Leaders in providing free and equal access to the intellectual and recreational content of our culture
  • Neutral sponsors of civic discourse, promoting and committed to democratic ideals
  • Catalysts of economic development
  • Engaged and responsive public service providers, giving individuals opportunities for lifelong learning and personal enrichment
  • Strong advocates for literacy, intellectual freedom and privacy of user records
  • Partners in the forging and furthering of community, through establishing positive human connections and inviting places to gather
  • Effective stewards of public funds
  • Leaders in meeting the needs of increasingly diverse populations

As a consequence, public libraries in Colorado will be fully supported by the public, and by local, state and federal government. 


Alicia Cartwright
Arapahoe Library District
Past - President
Hana Zittel
Denver Public Library
Christine Dyar
Pike Peak Library District 


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