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ILCE offers second grants for international cooperation among libraries

The ILCE is offering a second round of grants for projects that celebrate international cooperation and cultural understanding.  Two grants for $1500 each are available.  The deadline for the grant applications is July 10.  The guidelines and application form are on the ILCE website.   Just click on the website link above, and then on Grants and Awards.

If you have questions about the grant guidelines or application form, contact Kathy Plath at

The International Library and Cultural Exchange Interest Group (ILCE-IG) grew out of the American-Bulgarian Library Exchange Project (1996-2011), which sought to create connections and cooperation between American and Bulgarian libraries. 
The ILCE-IG has extended its scope to encourage projects that foster relationships between Colorado Libraries and those of other countries, to help build and maintain libraries in communities overseas, and to celebrate non dominant cultures across Colorado.

ILCE-IG has two primary goals:

  • Support individual and library partnerships and activities that enhance cultural understanding, and
  • Support cultural programming and activities that celebrate diverse ethnic and immigrant cultures in Colorado.

We achieve these two goals through the following activities:

  • Identify libraries in Colorado that have relationships with libraries outside the US
  • Discuss how to stimulate cultural exchange between US and international libraries
  • Offer programs at CAL on international cultural exchange
  • Assist libraries to work with their international populations to support cultural exchange
  • Build in the CAL website, international cultural information about countries with which Colorado Libraries have relationships
  • Collaborate with existing CAL interest groups who have similar interest and focus
  • Seek funding for cooperative projects between Colorado and international libraries



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